Diversity is difference among people in a group.


A group with a lot of diversity will have people who are different from each other in many ways. People often talk about racial diversity; a group with people of multiple different races or ethnicities is racially diverse. Another example of diversity is ability. Most groups of people have diverse abilities in some way; for example, if a group contains some people who are good at math and some who are not, that group is diverse in ability.

Diversity is a natural part of the human experience.

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  • Case example: Many large cities such as New York or Chicago are very racially diverse.

  • Case example: In American English as a Second Language classes, there’s a lot of diversity in first language. Some people may be speaking Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, or many other languages.

  • Case example: The disabled protesters at a cross-disability event are often diverse: some protesters have cognitive disabilities, others have mobility disabilities, others are blind, and others are Autistic.

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