The Self-Advocacy Movement


The self-advocacy movement is a social movement led by self-advocates that promotes self-advocacy in all aspects of policy and life that are about us.

The self-advocacy movement believes that self-advocates should be in charge of advocacy efforts about us. Self-advocates should be the ones making choices about what happens to us, policy about us, and about what the movements that try to help us do.

The self-advocacy movement has a long and proud history. You can read more about it in our History [link] section, or at the links below.

-List of related media/links

-List of concrete examples

  • Case example: Self-advocates lobbied for the ADA to be passed

  • Case example: Self-advocates from ADAPT protest inaccessible spaces and cuts to Medicaid

  • Case example: Self-advocates from People 1st give trainings to teach other self-advocates how to vote, fight guardianship, and manage support staff

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