Autistics Speaking Day


Autistics Speaking Day is an annual event on November 1st when Autistics and pro-neurodiversity allies make their voices heard on blogs and social media.


Autistics Speaking Day is an annual event, started in 2010 and held every November 1st, in which Autistics and pro-neurodiversity allies all over the world make their voices heard on blogs and social media, sharing messages that challenge the ways in which we’re stereotyped and silenced by the dominant culture. Autistics Speaking Day began as a response to a group of non-autistics called for a “Communication Shutdown Day” wherein participants, presumed to be non-autistic, would stop using social media to experience the “social isolation” that autistics often experience. The idea that not using social media could give non-autistics a good idea of what it is like to be autistic was considered insultingly wrong by many in the Autistic community, as well as ironic because many autistics have been better able to find friends and community through social media.

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  • Usage example: “Instead of participating in a “Communication Shutdown Day” for “Autism awareness”, the Autistic community shares their voices every year on November 1st on Autistics Speaking Day.”

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