Autistic Culture


Autistic culture is culture built around the ways of speaking, thinking, and acting that come naturally to autistic people, or which have been created in Autistic communities.


Autistic culture is the culture created by and for autistics. Much of it has been developed in the Autistic community, while other parts of it have developed as a result of interactions outside of it. Autistic culture has been studied by cultural anthropologists.

Autistic culture has developed its own customs, traditions, and approaches to expression and social interaction. There are also events that are both a product of the culture as well as a venue to participate in  it in. It also includes distinctively Autistic art, writing, and idioms and vocabulary.

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  • Case example: At Autreat, attendees wear color-coded badges to indicate whether or not they want people to talk to them. Other Autistic-run conferences are starting to adopt the badges.

  • Case example: At meetings for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, people flap their hands to show their appreciation or support, rather than clapping.

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