Organizations are groups of people organized in a structure which works towards goals set by the organization, and self-advocacy organizations are organizations of self-advocates.

Self-advocacy organizations are groups of self-advocates who have come together to advocate for common goals in an organized way.

There are a number of different types of organizations, from commercial (for-profit) to governmental to non-profits. All of them are people placed under some sort of structure in order to meet the organization’s goals. Organizations have all sorts of different structures and methods of leadership.

An organization might do any number of activities through their goals, so long as it meets the terms of how they are recognized. Non-profits, for example, have limitations to the type of activities they engage in, such as “no lobbying.”

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  • Case example: The Autistic Self-Advocacy Organization is a self-advocacy organization for autistic people.

  • Case example: Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered is a self-advocacy organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Case example: ADAPT is a self-advocacy organization for disabled people.

  • Case example: People 1st is a self-advocacy organization for people with intellectual disabilities.

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