Neurodiversity Movement


The neurodiversity movement celebrates and embraces all kinds of minds.

The neurodiversity movement recognizes that there is not just one right way to think and perceive the world. The neurodiversity movement works toward a world where people’s brain differences (ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, cognitive disabilities, et cetera) are seen as valuable differences rather than as things to be fixed. Proponents of neurodiversity want to make it easier for people of all neurotypes to contribute to the world as they are, rather than forcing them to attempt to appear or think more typically.

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  • Case example: The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network is an organization based on neurodiversity.

  • Case example: ADHD and dyslexia are becoming recognized as neurotypes that can make school difficult, but other things much easier.

  • Case example: There is a growing interest in neurodiversity outside of the autistic community, including among people with mental health disabilities.

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