Privilege is the set of hidden advantages a person gets because they belong to a privileged social majority.

Privilege means that people in certain groups, such as white people, men, or abled people, are treated better by society. Privilege is invisible to people who have it unless it is pointed out. Sometimes privilege is seen in society doing things for people they don’t do to others, whereas other times it’s not doing to the privileged people what it does to not privileged people.

People can be privileged in one area (called an axis) but not in others. Privileges based on one set of traits will differ from those on another.

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  • Men are paid more than women for the same job because of male privilege.

  • People of color are far more likely to be hurt by the police than white people are because of white privilege.

  • Abled people are able to make one poor decision without having their right to make decisions questioned; this is able privilege.

  • Straight people see relationships like theirs portrayed as normal and desirable in the media because of straight privilege.

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