The word autistic refers to a person with a diagnosis of autism, and can be either an adjective or a noun—it’s equally acceptable to say, “She’s autistic,” “She’s an autistic person,” or “She’s an autistic.”


The word autistic is used to describe people who exhibit the style of neurological functioning known as autism. Autistic can be either an adjective or a noun—within Autistic culture, it’s about equally acceptable to say, “She’s autistic,” “She’s an Autistic person,” or “She’s an Autistic.” (See the entry on identity-first language for more information on the usage of the term autistic.)

Autistic is also used as an adjective to describe anything specifically associated with autism and/or autistic people, as in  “autistic traits” or “Autistic community.”

The word “Autistic”, with a capital “A”, generally refers to Autistics who firmly and explicitly identify with being Autistic and with Autistic culture. The word “autistic” with a lowercase “a” refers to anybody who has autism.

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  • Usage example: “Many autistic people experience certain types of light and sound differently than non-autistic people.”

  • Usage example: “I know an Autistic woman who provides support services to other autistic people.”

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