Pledge FAQ

Q: I’ve taken the pledge. Now what?
A: Now that you’ve taken the pledge, you should start paying closer attention to all events related to autism or Autistic people that you might participate in or attend. If these events don’t include Autistic speakers, reach out to the event organizers and let them know you’ve pledged not to attend or give money to these events until they find Autistic speakers.

Q: Do you really mean ALL events?
A: Yes. Anytime autism or Autistic people are the focus of the conversation, Autistic voices should play a prominent role in those conversations. Nothing about us without us!

Q: How do I ask if an event includes Autistic people?
A: We’ve prepared some scripts that you can use to ask these questions:

  • Does this event include autistic speakers? I’ve taken the Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s pledge to not attend, speak at or support events that don’t include Autistic people in the conversation about autism. Including autistic speakers is necessary for making sure that conversations about autism are representative and include the voices of those most directly impacted.

If the event organizer says no:

  • Sorry, but I can’t give my business or my time to settings that fail to include Autistic voices in conversations about autism. I would love to participate once you’ve found Autistic speakers to include as well.
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