Listen Up!

We have released our first PSA series! It’s called Listen Up!, and it’s on Youtube now. We’re incredibly excited to be able to reach people through this medium; we encourage you to watch it, share it, and help us make it go viral.

But that’s not all – if you want to see Listen U!p aired on television, both locally and nation-wide, we need your help for that, too.

Getting a PSA shown on television is highly competitive, so the more people who contact the national networks, the higher the chance they will listen. That’s why we’re providing you with information, detailed instructions, and the support you will need to help us email and tweet at both local and national networks.

You can use this factsheet to learn how to contact your local news station, and this factsheet to learn how to contact national networks.

And, if you have any clarifying questions, comments, or concerns,  please email us at We want to hear from you, offer any support and assistance that may be needed, and make sure we know which stations have been contacted and which have responded.

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