Autism Acceptance

Emma Zurcher-Long

There’s an idea that people seem to think they like, but in reality are unsure of.  This idea is about the desire for creative thinkers.  Artists have often been seen as “before their time.”  Their creative output is praised and their quirks are overlooked. Neurological differences are all around us, but when someone falls too far from the norm people become frightened and concerned. They say you cannot accept what you do not know so during this month of April learn about autism by reading and listening to people who are autistic.  You might be surprised by what you learn.  There are many of us writing about our experiences of living in a world populated by people who do n

ot share our neurology, but all of us, whether we speak, do not speak but type, or some version of the two, have unique ways in which we survive in this world.  I can say things, but am mostly reliant upon typing to communicate. My creative brain thinks differently than most. This can cause challenges, but also puts my thinking as far “outside the box” as one can be, while still being anywhere near the “box.”  I, and those like me, think outside the box all the time.  Praise for our creative minds is not what most people do when talking about autism, but with more knowledge and acceptance this could become a trend.  Dare to be a trendsetter and join me in thinking creatively! ~  Emma Zurcher-Long

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