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Take the Pledge!

Too often, our national conversation on autism is something that happens about us, without us. Organizations, conferences and panels on autism somehow fail to include Autistic voices. We are asking you to be part of the solution. Help us send a message to event organizers across the world – if you want our business, involve self-advocates. It’s just that simple. Take our pledge today and share it with your friends. Continue reading

Learn more about autism

Autism is a developmental disability that affects how an autistic person thinks, learns, uses their senses, moves their body, communicates, and relates to other people. Between 1 and 2% of people in the United States are thought to have an autism-spectrum diagnosis. As we learn more about autism, more people are diagnosed. Experts suspect that the real number of autistic people is a little bit higher. Continue reading

I Signed the Pledge!

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